Thursday, 12 July 2012


28th September 2011


Behold, Verily the world stop and see, the “fortunate tragedy” that befell thee.

The former our freedom gained 1st of October, the latter our canker, our grime yet moreover,

It was 1960 our fathers did pray for God to release us from the Queen and her say.

And after a struggle we gained independence, “Oh my” how the stories of Nigeria’s confidence.

Tipped as the nation who´ll Africa lead, the pivot, the glory of blackman indeed.

We had all the numbers, we had the resources, the livestock we had ranged from sheeps, goats and horses.

If a nation was ever as lucky as we, then it had the hallmark of a superpower to be.

But what´s the reality of poverty, its gravity, did our nation maintain a level of sanity?

The answer is known to those who understand, the cry of the innocents in Nigerian land.

For those who think otherwise in their government abode, just take 2 minutes, consider my ode.


Nigeria we hail thee,

Albeit thy children fail thee,

In mercy God´ll bail thee,

Before thou thus derail thee.

The fanfare on Saturday starts with the President’s address, followed by a march past to mark our fabulous mess.

Undoubtedly the government will claim “history, victory”, oblivious as always of the people’s misery.

Corruption it’s said has been fought with all might, yet the return of the looters is plainly in sight.

The greedy, the selfish with single intentions, have raided our governments like virus infections.

They appoint all their sidekicks, their sons and their daughters as government officials & live in plush quarters.

They have houses abroad, they have watches of gold and may God forgive me, “their souls they have sold”

To the “Babylon beast” who does nothing but feast on the riches of Nigerians from north, west and east.

This whole business of fighting corruption´s a charade, a farce that our governments and media made.

For if it was genuine, then why don’t we start with those that are known to be at its heart.

But no, it is used against political opponents, who rub PDP wrongly and mess up their moments.


Nigeria we hail thee,

Albeit thy children fail thee,

In mercy God´ll bail thee,

Before thou thus derail thee.


When 12 years ago we were promised democracy, we welcomed the end of the military hypocracy.

But little did we know that a democratic dictatorship, would smell even worse than a rotten patato chip.

Now over a decade of the governments we’ve met, the armed forces look like a beautifull pet.

One if you see you will shout out with glee, “you are my saviour, you´ve just set me free”.

Is that a solution with our histories of past? But it will be the outcome if this conduct lasts.

The conduct of committing on democracy rape, the conduct of elections that leave us agape.

Of all the three times that we went to the polls, fake ballot sheets in rolls were stuffed in holes.

The government went all out and with vigour did cheat, because they had sworn they would never be beat.

With NEPA and their stations, the worst of bad nations, Nigerians have honestly run out of patience.

Now there’s talk of a single term of just 6 years, but the argument to and fro has brought out many fears.

Cause what if this system and governance proposal, is really a symbol for some master disposal?

Gee Whizz, I don’t know and I shudder to guess, All will be revealed as we continue to progress.


Nigeria we hail thee,

Albeit thy children fail thee,

In mercy God´ll bail thee,

Before thou thus derail thee.


In the last couple of months we’ve had much to handle, from worrisome tragedies to disgraceful scandal.

The gloomiest came with the serious blast, which killed many innocents and left us aghast.

But the most shocking thing of the ghastly death mask, was the fact it was done as a suicide task.

Cause who would have thought that Nigerians were willing, for fulfilling their lives with such un-thrilling killing.

My take on this crisis with Boko Haram, is that they are young men who noticed a sham,

Of all the mis-governance that led to bad fate, and unemployment rate in each of their state.

They practiced their faith in the way they saw fit, in a manner that the governors just did not permit.

But they were mishandled quite harshly, quite cruel, and it was from this misrule that their anger was fuel.

But that’s no excuse for them choosing to kill, some innocent people for having free will.

By using religion, they give it a name, one which does inflame, one that does doth defame.

In order to end this nasty impasse, we must look to the root of the problem; Yuguda and SAS.

Cause they can’t create such a violent battle, then sit on their backs like oblivious cattle!


Nigeria we hail thee,

Albeit thy children fail thee,

In mercy God´ll bail thee,

Before thou thus derail thee.


Already desperation is clear in the air, because two thousand fifteen is a “do or die” affair

Such are the sycophants who´ve completely hijacked our political system, the good guys they sacked.

No ill is forbidden, all crime will be ridden, the bastardization of Nija won´t be hidden.

Cause the deck of elections lies with the big wreck, the nemesis of our nation, Prof Jega´s INEC.

For its not a secret that they get their kicks, from giving elections a mighty big fix.

I saw this first hand when I tried to compete in the just gone elections for the National Assembly seat.

I met some resistance from the Yaradua Cabal; Tanimu the “mad-dog” that has no morale,

Used much of his pilfer, the money he loot, to dispute and uproot the winner absolute.

To pollute and dilute and cause disrepute in order to re-boot and salute his recruit.

But God in His mercy doth change the permute, by giving the underdog, and rendered us all mute.


Nigeria we hail thee,

Albeit thy children fail thee,

In mercy God´ll bail thee,

Before thou thus derail thee.


It all sounds so gloomy, it all sounds so dark, 45 years of Independence but look at our mark.

I´m glad it’s not witnessed by all our forefathers who lived and died for this nation as martyrs.

One hopes they will not roll in their grave for our gain of the hopeless and loss of the brave.

Our cultural structure is a social disaster, we´re regretting not staying with our colonial master.

Nigerians are downtroden but side with ethnicity and choose from ones tribe regardless of ones atrocity.

This I believe is the cause of our sorrow, when will we learn and change for tommorow?

Our problem´s not tribe but visionless kleptomaniacs who loot us all blind and fill up their banking sacks.

Nigerians regroup let´s take back our country, together we´ll form and make a new visionary.

As one with a stake I state with equivocation, one thing we shant do is go into disintegration.

Some words to consider during the celebration, may God help Nigeria to remain one great nation.


Nigeria we hail thee,

Albeit thy children fail thee,

In mercy God´ll bail thee,

Before thou thus derail thee.


But I do believe Johnny is a good man; let’s give him a chance to do what he can.

Whatever will happen we must look up to God, he giveth and taketh with merely a nod.

We must increase faith, boost our love and our fear, be sincere and revere and adhere to persevere.

We must believe in this nation and love it unconditionally, keep our ethos, our culture and our virtues traditionally.

Nigeria is beautiful, our homeland is glorious. She’s known internationally as somewhat notorious.

Her children are maimed as rather inglorious, but in truth for 5 decades she has been laborious.

And with help from above she can be meritorious, so our nation can rise and at last be victorious.

On this fateful day I do wish you well, from the tone of my ode I hope you can tell

My wish for my nation is goodness attendance. To every Nigerian, Happy Independence!


Our sorry tale of independence that comes with a fee,

My heavy heart “Oh Verily”,

Nigeria thy still on bended knee.

The “Babylon beast” laid a snare for thee

and spread his net with cords of glee,

There´s a storm in the affairs of your man

If taken at its stride it can

and leeds thee into deepest sea.

For those of we who weep for thee

and pray to see thee finally free,

we ponder on the only key...

Rebel and hapily set thee free?

But rebellion is a sin of life,

can nurture freedom gives way to strife.

(The only victims would be the poor)

Then dark fortune stops we giving our life!

Nigeria we hail thee,

In mercy God´ll bail thee.

Article Written by Hannatu Musawa


  1. soul touching, I only wish people like you will be given an opportunity to serve Nigeria with this your vast knowledge so as to take us out of this ENDLESS DREAM in Nigeria

  2. Thank you Hanney for this beautiful write-up. I like the frank, honest audacity of your writings. You represent a new generation that might just help to heal Nigeria from the scourge of the beasts that have dehumanized us. I hope you will not stop writing. Congratulations on your daughter's graduation.