Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Hard View (Party Palava, Volume II)


Alas and Ahold, all my readers Behold;
Party Palava, Volume II is about to be told!
It’s a view of the intrigue, the canker, the mould,
Of the political parties abound in our fold.
... Please hope you’re consoled, coz the story’s twofold,
With such vast dimensions, it takes time to unfold.
Last week I unrolled the new and the old,
Of the jist of PDP, a party so bold.
This week, as foretold, on my paper I’ve scrolled,
The chitchat on other parties that INEC enrolled.
These are parties who bowled low when elections were polled,
And the ones not extolled, undersold, not controlled.
Now again time has rolled, where they can all be paroled,
In a merger remould to form political party gold!


Now this merger affair, I’m sure you’re aware,
Brings to bear all the parties once in disrepair.
They’ll declare under a single umbrella to share,
In order to snare out PDP with its doctrinaire.
Now, in the parties concessionaire, for the merger prepare,
CPC is there and CAN…; “What a pair!”
Other parties who care and say the system’s unfair,
May step out of their chair to join the coalition square.
APGA’s in mid-air. ANPP might not bare,
To be part of the dare to cause political despair.
But if they all take due care, speak with one debonair,
They’d create a rare flair and ignition…; “I swear!”
They would scare PDP, give them serious wear and tear,
And impair the ruling party while pulling its hair!


As time moves at a scale of a thunderous gale,
Nigerians will trail the morsel of every party’s detail.
Though our nation is frail and our elections all fail,
For our future to sail, democracy must prevail!
That’s why we all must unveil, each and every party’s travail,
So Nigerians can nail which to eject and curtail.
For most involved in this tale, the ruling party’s gone stale,
Government moves like a snail, corruptions the size of a whale.
We live life like in a jail, with no release and no bail.
The toxic air we inhale ain’t free or fit to exhale.
Now since the merger e-mail, excitement’s rife in our vale.
Nigerians; male and female hope the opposition wont bale.
To be hearty and hale, our options must be put out on the rail.
No forfeit, no derail! That merger must entail!


First, in the CPC gene lies something strange and obscene,
When their manifesto machine sunk like a blue submarine.
When they emerged on the green, they had the tightest routine,
But with only 1 governor on the screen they are remaining unseen.
Many thought the parties demean, was really quite unforeseen.
As the party with a Northern mien, their victory was serene.
But their problem has always been, their leadership is not keen,
To right the wrongs they have in the bean of the CPC Deen.
And then within their ravine, some senior members are mean.
They cheat and lie in between and make the party unclean.
Now in this twenty thirteen, the party does reconvene.
They’ve set committees to intervene for their biggest spring clean.
With the likes of El-Rufai on the scene, the party’s now preen.
They're ready for the merger to convene; ready for twenty fifteen!


The ANPP as well, is supposed to be part of the cell,
To compel this new merger with their clientele.
But the grapevine does yell, some members wear the lapel,
Of a hidden cartel that’s part of a PDP shell.
But their leaders dispel, this rank accusing bad smell,
As part of a misspell to propel their party’s death knell.
Now the question I dwell, “Will they merge or rebel?”
“Will they excel to do well, and in 2015 raise hell?”
Who can know, who can tell, with which allegiance they’ll gel?
Only time can foretell the party’s real true pastel.
But in my personnel, to say a truth that’s nobel,
The rumours they cannot quell if they bid the merger farewell.
Because they know that they can’t excel against the PDP bell,
By standing as a single Gazelle. “That’s for sure, Mademoiselle!”


Next, the party I’ve scanned is an Alliance that’s grand.
A party that was once manned by the Ikembas own hand.
APGA has its high command, in our Easternmost land,
And it has proven first-hand that it is in high demand,
And with two states in their band, they just cannot be disband.
But the one thing that’s tanned their own type of brand,
Is the accusation grandstand that they can be quite offhand.
The rumour mill has been fanned that they’re part of a PDP strand.
To put this talk in remand, they must work harder than planned.
And the merger is the best way on hand for APGA now to expand.
The question out in the sand, “Can Obi and Rochas withstand,
The intrigues that are panned, to keep them in PDPs band?”
The public gaze will be spanned on APGA’s activity gland,
So we can see and understand the motives on which they stand.


Might I suggest an attest; ACN is the best in the West.
In the past election protest, they had really impressed.
They oppressed the opposition and in turn have progressed.
If there’s one party that’s blessed to quash the PDP quest,
The Action Congress of Nigeria is dressed for that ultimate test.
ACN has not been messed, depressed; they’ve not been distressed.
PDP’s infest of other party’s does not rest in their nest,
And No doubt Tinubu has the zest to keep the party abreast.
In the states ACN possessed, development has been their crest.
And at their governors’ behest, they do their best to invest.
As 2015 is addressed, one surely would have now guessed,
That ACN holds the digest to win the election contest.
Now they are no doubt the best; they’re way ahead of the rest.
ACN wears the vital vest if the merger is to be coalesced.


As we talk of this merger guys, let’s try our best to surmise,
That a new party will arise from this union of allies.
But the test for them lies, on the candidate that the party flies.
They just have to be wise and try their best to strategize.
They’d be no point in their tries, if past failures they revise,
They need fresh supplies to see things through fresh new eyes.
From all it implies, Johnny will run to reclaim his prize.
So the opposition should devise to spring the greatest surprise.
Through the best improvise, the merger we do advise,
To pick Fashola as the one that all of them will baptize.
He’s the one that should rise! By far the best compromise!
He’s the man with the guise to ensure PDP’s demise.
That would sensationalize and give a boost quantum in size.
That would give opposition the highs to reach the ultimate skies.


So at the end of the day, a merger is the only way,
Opposition can play and at last have their say.
All the past talk and cabaret has now become a cliché,
Because with no merger on the tray, PDP won’t go away!
Now the pressure must stay on the leadership bay,
Because in the past they portray an attitude that’s blasé.
Those who head the cache just must not go astray,
They must not betray and decay this new hope-dossier.
The public of today, in their mass, do convey,
A desperation and dismay at the merger delay.
And now as clear as the day and as soft as soufflé,
Tis the final match-play before the big judgement day.
Now the ball is on display in the opposition’s chalet.
“Will the merger be OK?... On this, Nigerians do pray!


As Volume II goes round the bend; at last it’s come to an end,
I know my writing’s a blend of much extol and offend.
You see as this sonnet was penned, emotions overextend,
Because the trend of our failure is too much to comprehend.
Those who have earned their commend, we will always defend,
Those who condescend or misspend, on them we will descend.
As we watch our future ascend, it’s up to us to amend,
The negativity we lend and undo our constant suspend.
“Nigerians, it’s time to attend!” I recommend you unbend,
Extend your hand to amend so that Nija can transcend.
I cannot say or pretend that I’m the Paragon of mend,
But I know on our government we can’t ascend or depend.
Folks, as I give this portend, I close with the best of intend.
My reader, my friend, hope you made it right to the end,
Of this long Party Palava Volume that I finally do send.

Written By Hannatu Musawa
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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Hard View (Party Palava; Volume I)


Yo folks, it’s that time when I chime out in rhyme.

To chronicle the thyme and the chaos sublime,

Abound in our nation of organised crime.

As I witness Nigeria go back in her climb,

My pen and my paper will mimic my mime.

The line of this fine rhyme has to do with the grime,

Of our political parties; their lemons and lime.

With two years before our election’s in prime,

The spinning and plotting have started their slime.

I’ll speak of the parties in volume this time.

In a two week edition of ‘Party Palava’ Prime.

This week the laundry hung on this clothing line,

Will be that of Africa’s biggest party of time.

Next week, the opposition will be given their dime!




This screed starts with PDP; the party of greed.

Where members behave just like zombies who feed.

For 14 bad years, they force feed us their creed.

By mislead and misdeed, they misread us indeed.

At every election, they exceed what’s agreed,

And proceed to stampede on the rights of the freed.

Those decreed with the deed to lead our breed,

Succeed only in their own self-serving need.

Our plights supersede a Balm of Gilead.

We’re treated like vermin and rattlesnake weed.

Nigerians recede, live a life where we bleed;

An existence where heartache with speed’s guaranteed.

In this race to accede on that Aso Rock Stead,

Already we read that some might just secede.




Now in my small position, I’ll give a rendition,

Of the war of attrition in the PDP mission.

The competition for admission in the 2015 edition,

Was the ignition for the demolition of their old coalition.

You see, for Johnny’s acquisition, he needs ammunition,

So in the party’s transition, he brought an old politician.

The imposition of Bamanga Tukur amidst no real audition,

Created suspicion and opposition partition.

The composition of the governors in their juxtaposition,

Saw ‘this near-sedition’ as their own decommission.

For it’s just not tradition, in the governor’s supposition,

For their views to be in omission in the power transmission.

Since ‘that’ imposition and Johnny’s decision,

The party’s disposition looks more like nuclear fission!




Now it’s just so insane that this causes such strain.

I’ll try to explain this, ‘their hunger to reign’.

You see, for one to maintain ‘that’ power domain,

Their campaign must be lain at the start of the chain.

It’s plain that our Johnny was using his brain,

To retain his best ‘hommie’ as the parties One Main.

His reasons were plain, his facts were germane.

In his party’s terrain, he could feel the disdain.

The bane of resistance, the rain of complain,

Are from those who want to attain his leadership crane.

It’s the governors, who drain their second term grain,

That are out to detain John’s jugular vein.

For, after their gain in the full governor’s lane,

Their wish (to be plain) is ‘that’ presidential train!




Now, in my opine, that’s the bottom line!

A fight for ‘that’ shrine that powers define.

At least quarter the governors; around about nine,

Have align to fight Johnny in a design most devine.

To consign his decline, they must as one combine,

To entwine every swine Johnny forced down their spine.

The sign for this drama is clearly in shine;

‘Infighting Treatens the Giant’; “Oh Golly, Oh mine!”

Every reason benign, every rant, every whine,

Will be used by both sides to supine and malign.

But the one potent vine they will use in refine,

Will be about tribe; The North will be asked to realign.

‘It’s the turn of the North to recline and to dine’.

That’s the tagline that, I’m telling you, we must now decline!




If I’m right in my guess and that’s what will transgress.

Those who possess their full senses must remain convalesce.

For how can people who suppress our success,

Address us like Yoyos just for their own progress?

In the 2011 mess, our Johnny they’d bless.

At the time of that press, they had second terms to caress.

Now they want to address the North’s dispossess,

When the repress of the region comes from their own excess.

Unless they transgress their own selfish obsess,

The dress of the North never can impress.

I must confess, nevertheless, this is my assess.

I don’t want to digress from our political chess.

I’m just trying to express my countries depress;

Through the voice I possess, through my freedom of press!




The update does not abate at the governor’s gate.

To reinstate their weight, they went to Tukur’s state.

In a move to deflate the Chairman’s dictate,

The Adamawa Exco slate was dissolved outright, straight!

With members of the great NWC joint plotting his fate,

At this rate, Johnny aint no ‘Alexander the Great!’

He’s looking more like a tired junior lightweight!

In attempt to communicate with all those who’ve shown hate,

Johnny did conjugate a meeting to reinstate his estate.

But the negate from the irate does seem to somehow translate,

Into a restate where they want a new Head of State.

Only time can equate which side will win the debate.

Whether Johnny’s ambition will at the end procreate,

Or if the governors who berate can desecrate on his freight!




The drama is on another degree in this party grand prix.

Now, who will be the draftee for the Board of Trustee?

First they called Anenih, Mr Fix-It or Gutsy,

As the ‘Gee’ with the decree to head their family tree.

Obasanjo did not agree and with the jerk of his knee,

Named his fellow retiree, Ahmadu Ali.

“That just will not be!” said the PDP bourgeoisie.

They did foresee Baba’s choice as the worst nominee.

Baba must feel like a Pea smack in the Aegean Sea,

Coz he created this debris with his skeleton key.

In this battle of spree between Obasanjo and Johnny,

Who will win to guarantee their draftee as top honouree?

If you ask me, Ekwueme is the best by a million degree.

But I’ve no say-so in this Potpourri…, “Hey, I’m just the Emcee!”



Now I’ll wind down this first part of two,

But we can see the bamboo breaking through.

Oyinlola went askew, when they told him adieu,

As the internal kung-fu rages on fresh as new.

As the governors renew their coup,

To subdue and outdo Johnny’s view.

They must not misconstrue, only ‘One’ can debut,

The ‘Cordon Bleu’ that they ALL pursue!

Nigerians generally construe, that PDPs time is long overdue.

Only time will review whether they will pull through,

To undo all the party’s unfavourable hue.

This ‘Party Palava’ in lieu, is a drama that’s starting to brew.

Gonna take off my shoe, find some popcorn to chew,

“Gonna watch me some drama; Thankyou!”



As I close down this volume of my first critique,

My daughter is telling me that I have a cheek!

I don’t mean to be rude in the words that I speak,

I’m just stating the obvious in a different technique.

When I speak out on politics, my passion’s not meek.

‘With our future so bleak’, I bespeak and I shriek.

A sneak peak at Nigeria gives one such mystique.

It’s a nation, on paper, that’s blessed and unique;

A nation where leaders have led us oblique.

But we have a chance to seek out our peak,

And tweak the main leak where our havoc is wreak.

It starts with what we allow government to seek!

I’ll examine the physique of the oppositions’ batik,

In ‘Party Palava, Volume II’, which I will write for next week

Let’s make it a date so you can take a sneak!


Written By Hannatu Musawa

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Friday, 11 January 2013



“It was like my worst nightmare! As the two ferocious men huddled over me my heart felt like it was going to explode. I couldn’t make out what they were saying because they were talking all at once but it sounded like a demand so I responded with a meek ‘o.k.’ My head was lowered so that I couldn’t see their faces but I crawled to where my bag was, took out the key to the safe and handed it to them without looking up. My head was still lowered like that of a child who had misbehaved, my heart beating like the drums of doomsday and my eyes were stinging with unshed tears. In the other room I could hear continuous thumping and knew instantly that my husband was having a worse experience than I. I prayed hard for him to be alive and them not to find our two children hiding in the guest bathroom. The rummage in the safe, the sound of running feet and the gun shots I heard from outside seemed to last an eternity. I had a horrible few seconds when I froze, then I began hyperventilating and shaking so badly with my teeth chattering. At last there was silence so I slowly lifted my eyes but not my head and realized they had gone. The ordeal lasted only for a few minutes but the effects will stay with me for the rest of my life because that was the night armed robbers visited my house and shot my mai-guard… It was also the night they beat my husband to death…!”
Does this story of an unnamed widow sound familiar? Well it should because every single day someone in Nigeria will have a similar experience. The effect of armed robbery on a victim leaves a lifelong mark of anxiety, insecurity and depression. Of all the problems we have in Nigeria, the lack of security has got to be the worst. Violent attacks, armed robbery and these senseless bombings have almost become the order of the day, and it seems to happen anytime and anywhere. A couple of months ago I had a debate with a friend who was of the opinion that the incidence of armed robbery in Nigeria was on the increase. I disagreed and believed that armed robbery had been overtaken with other more lucrative acts of violence such as kidnapping. “You are thinking this way”, she said “because nobody around you has been subjected to a robbery attack of recent”. While, at the time, I thought she was talking rubbish, now I know better; now I know that she was right. Because in the last four weeks, I have known three people that have been victims of armed robbers.

Violent crime, such as armed robbery, has been a growing problem since the oil boom raised the potential for people to get rich abruptly in the seventies, in collaboration with our special brand of institutionalised corruption. Additionally over the years, the putrefaction of moral fibre, the kleptomaniac standards set by our leaders and the knowledge that the Nigerian police are ill-equipped have all contributed to the level of crime we are living with. Also, the economic policies of our past governments have taken its toll on the populace who never saw its benefits. The past governments’ privatisation programme generated financial and investment opportunities for the rich but excluded the vast majority of the population. It also lead to the redundancy of workers in state monopolies which were being privatised, creating unemployment and contributing to the increase in social crime. While previously most people who commit violent crimes were illiterate, now the statistics show that a large number of robbers in operation are unemployed university graduates.

As for the police, though it is their duty to protect the public, they are, for the most part, ineffective. Even though the fault is not squarely on the force’s shoulders, seeing that they lack adequate man and fire power, motivation and the will to tackle the increasing crime rate in our poverty stricken society, they do have a duty to protect Nigerians. The force is in desperate need for in-house reform in order to break the bad-eggs amongst them that have participated in crimes such as collaborating with robbery gangs and setting up illegal roadblocks. The police needs to stop releasing without charge robbery suspects that pay them bribes. They need to develop new strategies for dealing with the increase in crime so that the concerns of the community for safety are addressed. They must do this, perhaps, by adopting some of the strategies used during the military era.

One of the benefits of Military rule in Nigeria was the strangulation of activities such as robbery. But in 1999, upon our ascension to democracy, the government abolished the military anti-crime task forces and handed over their role to the police. Although our newfound democracy and the abolition of the task forces were in the interest of the country, it has, to some extent, become one of our sources of insecurity. The disbandment of the security apparatuses used by the previous military government and their replacement with an ineffective police force has been exploited by criminal elements in the society.

In spite of the government’s promises to tackle crime, armed robbery is still rampant. The response of the government to crime has remained extemporized. The police are poorly paid; the government must increase their benefits and gratuity and bulk up the compensation paid to the families of those killed in the line of duty. Government should also enact more draconian anti-crime laws and reconsider the legalisation of the activities of organised vigilante groups. Public disenchantment with the criminal justice system and particularly the failure of the police to bring down the level of crime has led communities to establish such vigilante groups in order to challenge the monopoly of violence in the communities.

The Nigerian frustration with the government and police’s inability to protect the society and reduce crime has resulted in individuals resorting to self-help measures such as the erection of high-walled fences and the proliferation of private security. Almost every house in residential neighbourhoods in Nigeria is secured with burglar proofing, hidden behind towering concrete walls, barricaded with bullet proof doors and numerous other security devices, rendering people prisoners in their own homes.

The situation has forced every Nigerian to be wary and suspicious of strangers. The experience of a family friend who was trailed from her office to her house during daytime by an armed robber on an Okada bike, who latter went to her house at night with his gang of not so merry men, has made the likes of myself unreasonably paranoid of any car or motorbike driving behind us when we are on the road.

Unless the authorities clamp down on the spate of armed robbery, then we would have failed the likes of our unnamed widow whose fortune was that she had money to give the robbers on that tragic night. Unless the government addresses this armed robbery menace effectively then maybe the next time robbers decide to go to the house of the unnamed widow, they will first of all search the guest bathroom.…The story then will be different and through swelled eyes the widow will recall how her second armed robbery ordeal lasted only for a few minutes more than the first one and how the effects of the second one will stay with her for all of eternity… because that was the night armed robbers shot both her children dead!”

Written By Hannatu Musawa

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