Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Hard View (Fallen Angel)


On the morning of Sunday the 3rd of June before the ill-fated Dana Air Flight 992 plummeted to claim the lives of at least 170 innocent passengers and people on ground, the gentle and beautiful soul of a wonderful young lady sat in the aeroplane anxious to land in Lagos in order to begin her job training. na Air Flight 992 Crash

Farida Shehu Kaikai, born on the 16th of November 1981 tragically died along with the victims of the flying coffin that Dana Air insisted on flying on that tragic day. Farida was the best daughter any parent could wish for, the best sister any sibling could have and the best friend anybody could have ever wished for. Her death, along with the passengers all destined to embark on their final journey will remain a scar in the psyche of every Nigerian for the rest of eternity.

She started her primary education at St Louis Primary School and finished in Aunty Ramatu Primary School, both in Katsina. She then proceeded to Hassan Gwarzo Secondary School in Kano & finished in Federal Government Girls College, Zaria. Farida stayed in Zaria, where she attended Ahmadu Bello University in order to study Economics after which she proceeded to the University of Sunderland, UK to do her Masters in Human Relations. Farida was one of the few graduating youths in Nigeria today who got a job at Aso Savings and Loans in Abuja. It was as a result of this job that she was travelling from Abuja to Lagos for a few days of job training…In order to get there, Farida took Dana Air Flight 992 on the 3rd of June!

Farida was always happy and was always ready to share that joy. She made friends with everyone who knew her and never discriminated. One of the glowing qualities of Farida was that she never forgot her friends and always tried to keep in touch with them, especially when it was their birthdays.

Farida was never married and her one wish was to find a good man that she could settle down with. In a recent wedding ceremony of a friend, after catching the bouquet, she turned to her friends and said, “Look I caught the bouquet and if the saying is true, I’ll be getting married next!” While Farida never lived to see that day, we pray that in Paradise Allah will provide her with a husband who will delight her heart.

Farida is survived by her mother Hajia Thayibba Shehu Kaikai and five siblings; Maryam, Mukhtar, Abubakar, Aisha and Yasmin. Today as Farida’s family mourn for her, her friends from Federal Governnment Girls College Zaria (Brown Checkers) pray and mourn along with them:

Yasmin Ahmed- “Farida was the epitome of a true friend. Never forgets memorable dates and always found a way to keep in touch with everyone, how she managed to do that I have no idea but one thing I know for sure is that she had a heart that was even more lovely than her ever so beautiful and radiant face. Ya Allah please forgive her shortcomings and grant her paradise.”

Asiya Zakari Muhammad- “Words cannot even begin to express my sorrow. Words seem inadequate to express my feelings on hearing of Farida’s death. Farida will always be in my prayers.”

Halima Bello Sani- “Allah gave me a wonderful friend in you Farida. You were a person whom I could trust with any confidence and your advice and guidance helped me in so many ways.”

 Zainab Lawal Gwamna- “I will thank Allah every day for having given me Farida as a dear and close friend. I will miss you in a way that words cannot convey”.

 Badiya Awak- "It was a joy to know Farida. We had become very good friends and we enjoyed each others company. I will love and miss her forever."

Yemisi Oshagbemi- “One of the saddest moments is when you hear of the death of a dear friend. Farida was that to me. My heart is broken today.”

Gbemisola Adegun-Elekula- "Mademoiselle Farie....pretty, outspoken, outgoing, loves life.....a beautiful light dimmed today! Adieu babes.

 Hadiza Mohammed- "May Allah enhance your recompense Farida and be generous in your calamity and forgive you and induce you with patience and multiply for us and for you recompense through patience."

Dyenaan Dawan-Labesa- “My heart is so heavy becoz F.s was a different person not becoz she has passed on but that lady was an Angel in disguise. I can't recall her fighting with anybody,she took time to call even when I didn't feel close to her. Lord mercy is all we ask for Farida Shehu Kaikai....”

Sharifa Mustapha- “Farida’s loss is shared by many friends who care and she will be in our thoughts and hearts and in our every prayer”

 Adama Lawal- “Your life was full of loving deeds, Forever thoughtful of our special needs, Today and tomorrow, my whole life through, I will always love and cherish you”

Maryam Lawal- “Gone yet not forgotten, Although we are apart, the memory of your friendship will live forever in my heart Farida”

Hauwa Ibrahim A- “Allah ya jikan Farida. She was an incredibly special person and a gift to the world”

 Saudatu Rimi- “The one thing I can now give my dear friend Farida in exchange for the years of loyal friendship is my prayers. May Allah open the gates of Aljana Firdaus for Farida”

Rukaiyya Amin- “Farida had the most radiant smile and peaceful soul. Her death is a heartbreaking tragedy.”

 Bilkisu Salihu- I am shocked and grief stricken to learn of Farida's death, and express profound sorrow and condolences for her and her family.

Binta Yusuf- “Farida was more than a friend to me, she was a sister. Today my heart weeps and prays for my sister.”

 Zainab Ibrahim Haruna- “If I could describe Farida’s personality while she was alive, I would say that she was a sunshine on a bright summers day. Her glowing heart and pious soul will never be forgotten.”

Halima Sule Ahman- “We pray almighty Allah forgive Farida's short comings and admit her into al-jannah firdous. I will miss her”

Zainab O. Zubairu- “I am so grateful for the life and friendship of Farida. I truly appreciated her. May Allah in his infinite mercies have mercy on her soul and bless her, grant her forgiveness and expiate her sins by mercy.”

Khadija Yusuf- “The gift of Farida’s friendship is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. Allah ya jikan ta”

Hauwa Ndayako- “I was close to Farida and we used to joke alot. Today I pray for Allah to expand her grave, illuminate it and grant her wonderful and blessed companions in the grave.”

Amina Ndayako- “The loss of Farida continues to break my heart evertime I remember her beautiful face. I pray for Allah to forgive her.”

Omotsome Olowodun- “Im in shock from this senseless tragedy that saw me loose my friend. May Farida find peacefully rest She will never be forgeten.”

Fatima Enagi- “Only people that are lucky in life can say that they have been blessed with a  truly good friend… I was one of those lucky people to have had Farida as a friend. I will miss her.”

Aghogho Okodaso-Omolegbe- Through the years that I have known Farida, I was certain of her as a good person with a good character. She always goes out of her way to be kind. May that goodness protect her in the hereafter.”

Hasiya Ghaji- “May Allah in his mercy grant Farida rest, may her grave be an abode of light and not darkness. May Allah (SWT) make her pass successfully in all the stages of the life after death (amiin)”

Lolade Bolarinwa- “If only we had known, we would have agreed on the lunch you suggested.”

Janet Arua-Alex- “My friend Farida is gone but will never be forgotten. May her gentle soul rest in everlasting peace.”

Fatima Yuguda- “With a broken heart, I pary for Allah to grant my sister Farida light in her grave.”

Amina Natsu- “Im devastated to learn of Farida’s death. No one knows when it is their time to go. May my friend rest in peace, Insha Allah.”

Faiza Usman Jibrin- “My darling friend is gone forever. May Allah give strength to the beloved family and friends she left on earth.”

Zainab Hammayero- “May Allah forgive all Farida’s sins and count her among the ones to follow Prophet Mohammed to Aljannat Firdaus. Ameen.”

Rashida Adamu Gumba- “Never thought Saturday will be the last time we would meet, so u came to bid me farewell siree? Allah ubangiji ya jikan ki da rahama. “

Asmau Ardo- “I pray to Allah to bless my sister Farida with His Forgiveness and Mercy. Allah ya jikan ta.”

Lauriya Baba- “Farida’s big heart is the reason why so many mourn for her and this is why we cherish everything she has meant to our lives. May her Sould rest in peace.”

Rukaiya El-rufai Mohammed- “May Allah grant Farida Jannah and forgive her sins; Amin. Indeed the way she died has the virtue of martyrdom.”

Fatima Jibrilla-“Fareeda was my Friendy. Our trip to the Holy Land will forever stay with me and Im gald I got to share it with you. Not only was a Farida a special friend and sister; she was a very, very special human being. She will be greatly missed. Allah ya jikan ta.”

Mary Bawa-Gomwalk- “Rest on dear friend. I will forever hold you dear in my heart.”

Ainau Sani Makudi- “The loss of Farida is a loss of titanic proportions. Those of us who knew her know that we have lost a gem and a great friend. May Allah grant her Jannah.”

Rukkiaya Sulieman- “My darling friend Farida, I pray for Allah to forgive you, comfort you in your grave and lighten your stay.”

Rumasau Mahuta- “Allah ya gafarta miki, my cousin my friend. Oh how my heart weeps. Im sad my children will not get to learn from you.”

Zainab Abdulrazaq- “To Allah we belong and to Him we return. My friend has returned to her maker. May she reside in Aljanna.”

Mardiyyah Ja'afar-“The departure of Farida is a great loss to all who knew her and I would like to tell the world how special she was and convey my condolences to her family.”

Halima Ango Abdullahi-“O Allah! Forgive my friend Farida, elevate her status among the guided people and look after the family that She left behind; Amen. I will miss her greatly.”

Fatima Dabo Aliyu-“It is with the great sorrow I learnt the death of my friend and sister Farida. May her soul rest in eternal peace and may Almighty give her family the strength to bear this irreplaceable loss; Amen.”

Aisha Iya Abubakar-“Farida’s death breaks my heart. This unexpected demise is something which keeps all of us in great griefxx. Farida was not a friend that I liked; she was a sister that I loved. Allah ya jikan ta.”

Saadatu Umitta Musawa Imam - -“I am truly saddened by Farida's death. Farida was an amazing person. Her passing will not only leave a void in our lives, but in the hearts of everyone who knew her. Her voice and smile will forever stay with me and I will love her forever.”

-Farida was only one of the many fallen Angels on that fateful day. May their gentle Souls forever rest in peace.


  1. Really touching. May Allah's rahma be upon her soul, Ameen

  2. May Allah in his infinite mercy forgive your sins Faridah,and may the light of his rahma brighten your hereafter. I pray Jannah is your final resting place. You'll be truly missed

  3. May Allah s.w.t give her family & friends the fortitude to bear the irreparable lost this is really touching,& may the soul of all those that departed in d ill fated plane rest in perfect peace.Amin ya Allah

  4. Allah ya jikanta da Rahama! Yes she didn't discriminate and was always friendly.always saying hi even to those who weren't her friends.

    1. Thats true she always say hello to all familiar faces even though they are not her friends. during our stay in the economics class, she was exeptional amonge many. for that i will never forget her and i will alway pray for her. اللَّهُمَّ اغْفِرْ لِي وَلَهُ وَأَعْقِبْنِي مِنْهُ عُقْبَى حَسَنَةً

  5. So touching. May GOD Almighty comfort their families now and forever more. Amen.

  6. Allahu Akbar, Allah yayi mata Rahama. She was truely a nice friendly gal. Will miss u. Ubangiji ya gafarta mata, Amin.

  7. Farida was such a sweetheart...Allah ya jikansu duka da rahama ya kuma sa sun huta...AMIN

  8. Allah Sarki, this is touching. Very sad. May Allah make Jannatul Firdaus her final abode. May Allah reward her friends for this and u also Hanney.

  9. Beatrice Bello6 June 2012 at 01:28

    May her soul and the soul of others departed rest in perfect peace and may God grant their families comfort and fortitude to bear the loss. AMEN

  10. Fauziah Balarabe6 June 2012 at 03:28

    Im short of words! Im so devastated! We got especially close during our youth service days in 2007. Farida was one of the best! I will never forget her radiant and ever-smiling face. she touched my life in positive ways. she never failed to communicate. An angel has indeed fallen! Farida, Allah loves you much more than we all do! Your demise shook us all to d bones! ur memory will forever be fresh in our hearts. we love u and we will meet in Aljannah Firdaws where rivers of milk, honey and all d goodies will flow freely. may our last deeds be the best of our deeds. Till we meet to part no more sis!

  11. Allah yajikan ta, Allah yaji kan Musulmi kuma yasa mu cika da imani!

  12. May her soul rest in perfect peace.amin

  13. Farida has definitely left a whole in our hearts. She was definitely loved all round. May her good character & warm heart follow her to the Hereafter. Ameen Thumma Ameen

  14. Safiyyah Borodo6 June 2012 at 11:40

    Truely farida's character was as gorgeous as her looks.May Allah (SWT) bless her soul and make jannatul firdaus her final abode amin

  15. She was so full of life, friendly, down to earth. FS K ...RIP

  16. may Allah swt grant her eternal peace, may jannah be her final destination along with the lost souls. Allah ya ji qansu da Rahma.

  17. The first time my attention was brought to farida was on her birthday,many years ago.She received gifts like no one had before her n i know of no one who has,till date.On inquiring,was told, don't be surprised,farida is one person who never forgets a friends birthday.May Allah have mercy on your soul.

  18. A very Shockin nd Touchin News 4 Me... Farida was mre dan a frnd 2 me, she was ma sis... May Her soul nd dt ov dose who died dt Day RIP... Ameen

  19. Ibrahim Yahaya9 June 2012 at 01:04

    Accept my condolence in this time of grief,
    May her soul rest in peace. Amin

  20. كانت وأنا أعلم فريدة باعتباره مرشحا بالطبع منذ عام 2000 إلى عام 2006، هادئة جدا، لطيف وشخص محب. أدعو الله أن يغفر لنا ولها ومنح لنا أفضل بديل للحزن.

  21. Farida we miss u now and forever more! May Allah forgive your beautiful soul n that of all those who left us in this world. Amin.