"At the time that the bearded star is seen, three great leaders will become enemies, Earthquakes and disaster falling from the heavens, The Po and Tiber Rivers flooding, a serpent is seen on the shore."- The Nostradamus Code, World War III (predictions for the years 2007 through 2012).
Michel de Nostredame, the 16th century physician and philosopher was better known as ‘the man who saw tomorrow’ and was said to have predicted the future of mankind. In the above prophecy Nostradamus exposes a startling view of the world at a period which he referred to as a “time of troubles”. His Quatrains suggest that war and despair would be a problem in 2007 through to 2012 in the Middle East, but it will also be the start of new hope. Specifically, in referring to the year 2012, Nostradamus painted a bleak picture of massive destruction and havoc brought about by a comet which will cause massive earthquakes and other cataclysmic occurrences.
Although his manuscripts were found to be very difficult to decipher, Nostradamus’ declarations have for centuries been fascinating. As part of his forecast for the future, Nostradamus prophesized that in the next coming years there will be more natural disasters. He said, “A very bright comet will appear at the time of great geological troubles, with earthquakes and flooding causing famines, droughts, and social upheavals. Nations that are considered powerful will be weakened”. Already within the last year the world has fallen victim to the sprawling anger of Mother Nature. Between global warming and the El NiƱo phenomenon, many have perished under the relentless force of tsunamis and hurricanes.
While Nostradamus has made predictions on numerous world events, the question is; is it really possible to predict the future? Well, according to the Chinese Zodiac and the ancient Mayan civilization of South America, it is absolutely possible to predict the future. Under the Chinese calendar, each year is represented by an animal, with 2012 being the Year of the Dragon. In the Year of the Dragon, the Chinese anticipate that there will be more international conflict and disharmony, leading to regional warfare and unrest, or even an overthrow of government in certain countries but it will bring positive changes to benefit the future of humanity. The Mayan prediction is a lot more chilling when it boldly states that the world will come to an end on the 21st December 2012.
One of the common features of all three schools is the prediction that 2011 would be a very challenging year in most countries.
Here in Nigeria we will probably attach very little significance to the predictions of Nostradamus, the Mayans and the Chinese zodiac, we may even consider them quite preposterous. However, few Nigerians would disagree that 2011 was a truly ghastly year for us, defined by feckless political decisions and unwarranted violence. It is almost with a sigh of desperation that many of us couldn’t wait for the firework display that heralded the end of 2011 and the start of a new year.
It was a year full of surprises and shocks locally and internationally. Who would have thought that 2011 would be the year that Libyans would see the end of Gadhaffi? Who could have envisaged that 2011 was the year that Osama Bin laden would have been found and killed? On the local front, it was the escalating violence unleashed by a phantom force calling itself Boko Haram that dominated the minds of many of us. We can only hope that the unruly mobs who are trying to hold this country hostage will be completely defeated, although the problem of an increasingly febrile Nigerian underclass is not going to solve itself. The government has no choice in the matter; they have got to reign in this imminent threat posed by those unleashing violence on innocent people. Unless it does, then Nigeria could very well be staring into a dangerous abyss.
Then, of course, came the untimely New Years present in the shape of the removal of the fuel subsidy. The sovereignty given to this government by the people who voted it into power seems to have been betrayed by this very draconian decision. One would have thought that with the numerous problems facing the nation at this time, the government would not tempt such a troubling fate. The decision of government on this topic is almost like political suicide and the idea of repressing the polity to impose the ideas of a few unelected characters is totally unaccepted by the Nigerian public. To remove fuel subsidy at a time that Nigerians are gravely suffering is evidence that judgement has fled to brutish beast and our leaders have lost touch with the reality of the hundred or so million poverty stricken people in this country. Only last week the President under the powers conferred on him under section 305 of the 1999 declared a state of emergency in some parts of country as if this theoretical fire brigade approach is the answer. We are at the edge of the cliff and in front of us as a nation lies a gorge filled sea of Acid. I pray the government will listen to the voice of reason and wisdom of the people of Nigeria. Unless the government completely backtracks on this anti people policy, it’s reasonable to predict that Nigeria will be no stranger to social unrest in the form of public sector strikes and protests. Anger at the perceived injustice of government will continue to flare up, fanned by the careless pronouncements of politicians of all hue.
Nostradamus was never known for his unambiguous prophecies but most believe he predicted the two world wars, the assassination of John Kennedy, the victory of Obama and the rise of Napoleon and Hitler. Whether his vision of 2012 is authentic, it’s anyone’s guess, but it really doesn’t take the ramblings of a 16th century philosopher, some ancient South American prophecy or Chinese astrology to know that this country is literally on the precipice and unless government really stops to take stock of the reality of the masses on the ground then it may all end in chaos.
I have always believed that the kind of experiences of our history should always be an essential indication of where we need to steer our future. Based on the elements we have lived through, Nigeria is certainly not short on history lessons. We have this chance to apply our experience in a positive way to ensure that our future is the kind that the fathers of this beautiful land wished for us. A lot has happened to us within the last year and only God knows what is ahead of us. But whatever it is, we must stay united as one nation, against all evil doers. At this point, at least we can take comfort in the fact that, as long as the Mayan prophecy doesn’t come to pass, considering we survived 2011, there is no reason why we can’t get through 2012 as well.
As the Chinese Year of the Dragon begins and Nostradamus’ times of trouble continue, may it treat us with the kindness that has eluded us in the past couple of years. May Nigerians be blessed with health, happiness and peace, live honourably and give abundant thanks to the Almighty. As we welcome the year 2012, the Year of the Dragon, I wish all of you patience, unity, the joy of the season and safety throughout the coming year. Ameen
Article Written By Hannatu Musawa
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